Who uses Ordinate?

With Ordinate as a partner, clients have been able to reduce their admin team therefore saving money whilst boosting flexibility, opportunity and efficiency at their events.

Atsuko Fletcher, Mistubishi Aircraft Corporation

“Ordinate helped us enormously to look after our customers as effectively as possible during the busy air shows. I am especially grateful that Ben and David were always so easy to contact, and how quickly they provided us the solutions to our various requests. Thank you!”

Case Study: how we helped

Bombardier Aerospace

We are proud to have been associated with Bombardier Aerospace for over 15 years, providing software and support at global air shows including Farnborough International Airshow, Paris Air Show and NBAA in North America, such that Ordinate has become an integral part of their operations.

An initial remit of badging for identity and security saw us liaise with their security officials to ensure that the badges met their needs to manage the entrance and flow of guests. Bombardier quickly saw the potential of our offering, and now use the full suite of tools available to them.

They used to have a single person responsible for the meeting room schedule. In order to request, change, or even just find out about a meeting, everyone had to see Sandra. She’d use an Excel spreadsheet, and would email it round to staff, but then as soon as she made the next change, everyone else had a copy that was out of date.

Now, administrative staff are provided access to the web system months out from the event, so they can build a portfolio of invited guests and manage the requests for meetings from the staff. Some divisions of the company import this information from their internal CRM system.

Usually, meeting spaces are not allocated until a few days before the event. A small group of admin staff can then assess the requests together, and prioritise the spaces according to importance, need, and size of group. Once this assessment has been made, all staff are notified of their schedule and a personal diary is generated for them.

Of course, the schedule is constantly changing – and this needs particular coordination when meeting rooms are split across multiple sites on the airfield. With Ordinate networked across those sites, changes can be made by anyone authorised, and updates are instantly displayed on the digital signage mounted near the conference room areas. These show the upcoming meetings of the next few hours.

As well as the small team of ‘editors’, many other staff are given read-only access to the live schedule. Sandra has so much more time now to focus on other things.

Ordinate has also revolutionised the arrival of Bombardier’s guests. As well as taking time to enter the guests details on to the system to produce a badge, the frenzied and crowded environment meant it was hard to locate the member of staff they were here to see. Customers were kept waiting longer than necessary, sometimes only to establish that their host wasn’t’ even present.

Now, with the data pre-loaded, welcoming guests is quick and easy. Reception staff have access to both the guest list and meeting schedule. They can make any required name alterations, then print multiple badges at the touch of a button.

Bombardier also make full use of the messaging and tracking systems; staff on reception can see instantly on screen whether the relevant salesperson is in the building, and even pinpoint his location to within 5 metres. Customers get a great first impression of an organised and efficient operation, and makes life easier for all Bombardier staff.

Sylvie Gauthier, Director of Communications for Bombardier Aerospace says, “Ordinate makes a significant contribution to the success of our presence at major aerospace events. The systems in place help our team work very effectively with our suppliers on-site, allowing us to focus on providing the best customer experience in our chalets. Ordinate is a trusted partner for the long term.”