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Create the Right Impression

How can you use technology to make a great first impression for your guests?

When your business relies on making a good first impression, you need to know that the right people are in the right place every time.

Ordinate delivers the right solutions for your event hospitality space.

Using our sophisticated tools to manage your guests, your staff and the spaces they need, Ordinate gives you the control and insight to enhance the value and opportunity of your event and create that crucial first impression.

Ordinate organises your invite lists and meeting spaces allowing your customers the comfort and care they expect whilst giving your team all the information they need to run the spaces efficiently.

Much more than

Meeting Management

The core of Ordinate is a powerful Meeting Management tool. This provides you with flexibility and control to make best use of your spaces, whether they are rooms, tables or lounges.

As well as logging the meeting participants, Ordinate can help you keep track of catering and other facilities required for your meetings. A flexible approval process can be tailored to your needs if you want to allow others to request meetings.

Your whole team can have access to as much of the calendar as you like, putting you completely in control, while still able to share the effort. And when there are last minute changes, it’s easy to drag-and-drop your meetings, and notify relevant participants.

Ordinate can list all meetings in your team’s Outlook calendars, while solving tricky issues of attendees coming from multiple time zones.

Ordinate is about much more than managing meetings though. Read on to see what else we can help with.

What we do


Meeting Room Planner

Live updates and multi-user access keep your schedule up to date
Our meeting planner lets you specify all the details, including invitees, catering requirements and facilities, and give multi-user access to view or even edit the information. Making changes is easy – just drag and drop and the details will live-update on everyone’s screens and even email update alerts to participants.
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Digital Infomation Screens

Branded live information screens to keep everyone in the know
Keep everyone informed by displaying the live appointment schedule on a wall-mounted screen or tablet. Fully branded, they show either overview information, or become an interactive door sign for a single space.
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High quality branded badges for identity and security.
For identity and security purposes, you may want your guests to wear branded badges. Linking straight to the meeting plan, Ordinate produces high quality colour badges in seconds, with unlimited possibilities of design and credentials
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Location Tracking

When unexpected guests arrive, pinpoint the right member of staff without keeping them waiting.
Trying to find staff in a busy environment can be challenging at the best of times, but when an important customer is waiting, those precious few minutes can change everything. Ordinate can monitor mobile devices of those who want to be found. A digital map can then pinpoint their location in real time. Think of it as GPS indoors.
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Fleet Management

Whether it's chauffeur cars or golf carts, make sure they're reserved for those that need them most.
Whether you have chauffeur-driven cars or golf carts, these resources need managing to ensure you get the most out of them. Easily keep track of airport transfers, or hotel shuttles, and connect drivers to passengers.
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Staff Logistics

Easily manage hotel and travel requirements for all the staff participating
Co-ordinate all the hotel and travel arrangements of your staff, and keep everyone (including suppliers) constantly up to date. Ordinate becomes the go-to place for your whole team to provide and find out information about their event participation.
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Guest Registration

Allow your guests to register or RSVP to attend
Ordinate enables you to manage your guest list and gather your sales leads efficiently and accurately through customizable data forms, import from your CRM, or at select events by scanning guest event badges which will load their full details, including photos, directly into your database.
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Notify and alert staff of events with personalised messaging.
Send messages and alerts to inform staff of a guest’s arrival, transport and meeting information, or send a bulk message to all staff with latest news. Integrating directly with other modules, it is simple to contact all people participating in a particular meeting, or booked onto a certain shuttle bus.
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Information Portal

Keep your team informed with corporate or event information.
A digital noticeboard. Useful to keep staff informed of what's going on during the week, or helping temporary staff assimilate into your organisation
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Brave new world

Helping in a Covid world

With social distancing, and hybrid events now the norm, Ordinate can make a big difference to keep your staff and customers safe and organised.

Within a live event, it has become vital to manage the number of people in your event space, and know who is where and when.

With Ordinate you can:

Resilience and protection

Serious about Security

Both online and onsite, we work hard to ensure your data is both safe and accessible.

Each customer has their own individual database on our secure servers, with data transmission encrypted.

Within the software, we can finely tune the data permissions for users to ensure only the right people can access and edit the information they’re allowed to.

To protect against unreliable internet connections onsite, we can offer a local server, with a copy of the database hosted within your event space. This give you peace of mind for system uptime, while still allowing remote users to access the online server.

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