With Ordinate you can:

  • Orchestrate your ever-changing environment of people, transport and meetings to create a finely-tuned guest experience
  • Keep everyone informed with up-to-the-minute information which automatically adjusts as circumstances change
  • Streamline your administrative workload before, during and after the event
  • Calmly deal with flux and change in a chaotic environment
  • Measure the value of your event to help you plan for next year

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About Ordinate

Ordinate is the most efficient and comprehensive system for managing your brand experience at large events with high-status attendees.

The Ordinate system aligns with the way you work, so that you can concentrate on welcoming your guests with ease, and create a strong impact throughout your brand experience.

Choose from a full range of service components, including badging systems, meeting planners, financial intelligence and personnel tracking.
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Register, communicate, find, inform - all from a single platform

Sophisticated. Reliable. Simple to use.

From the moment your guests register to the end of the event, the Ordinate system supports your entire event experience. Use Ordinate to carefully manage the fine details behind the scenes.
We help you welcome your guests with ease and minimum interruption, and make it simple for your staff and suppliers to stay informed so they can focus on the guests.

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From registration pre-show to arrival at reception and beyond. Our system takes the pressure off your staff and makes your first impressions count to your high-value customers.

Meeting Room Planner

Live updates and multi-user access keeps your schedule up to date.

Digital Signage

Branded live information screens to keep everyone in the know.


High quality branded badges for identity and security.

Location Tracking

When unexpected guests arrives, pinpoint the right member of staff without keeping them waiting.

Fleet Management

Whether it's chauffeur cars or golf carts, make sure they're reserved for those that need them most.

Staff Logistics

Easily manage hotel and travel requirements for all the staff participating.

Guest Registration

Allow your guests to register or RSVP to attend.


Notify and alert staff of events with personalised messaging.

Local Server

We install the system locally at the event so you don't need to rely on dodgy internet connections.

Our customers

Blue-chip companies at the largest trade shows around the world use Ordinate to add effortless insight and control to their events.

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